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Let’s face it, schools at all levels attract large amounts of dirt and germs. Every educational establishment from daycare to universities deals with dirt, grime and often persistent germs that spread colds and infections throughout the community. SmartDog Commercial Cleaning provides Atlanta, GA with school cleaning services that help our children thrive.

When you have a large group of people gathering so closely together for many hours of the day, things can get filthy and downright unhealthy. Instead of worrying or struggling to fight the spread of infections, the Atlanta school janitorial services provided by SmartDog can help prevent sickness and keep learning surfaces clean and in working order.

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Asthma and respiratory problems

Asthma and respiratory problems affect many people. These conditions can be easily aggravated during cleaning or by cleaning products. Allergens, dirt, harsh chemicals and leftover cleaning residue can irritate sensitive airways and sinuses. Our staff takes special care to provide Atlanta area schools with healthy and green cleaning services.

Asthma is the leading cause of disease-related absenteeism in the United States. There are many things outside of our direct control that can cause asthma attacks such as pollen, animal dander, and tobacco smoke. Some things that we can change are the use of cleaning products with high VOC levels, products with heavy fragrances, and dyes. We can also modify the cleaning, maintenance, and scheduling of procedures that we employ to offset the triggers of asthma related illness. We have perfected a program to address the cleaning needs at your school or child care center.

  • Our staff are experts in green cleaning and has complete full background, drug and E-Verify checks and are fully qualified to service your educational facility, classrooms, daycare, child care center, middle school or high school.

Service methods

SmartDog takes extra care with each establishment by using professional and individualized service methods. These practices help deliver safe, health conscious and green cleaning with services like:

  • A personal walk-through with our CEO Yasuo Shoji. Mr. Shoji maintains a personal relationship with all his clients and staff. He also personally trains each staff member to appropriately care for each site.
  • Each staff member has had extensive background checks so you know your site and students can continue their work in safe and sanitary environments.
  • Got a big mess after bad leak, mold, spill, stain or pests? SmartDog will work hard to come as soon as you are ready for us to clean. You will also have personal contact with our Owner, Mr. Shoji.
  • Through individual care, everyone from our owner to each staff member delivers on the SmartDog Promise.
  • Asthma and Respiratory safe solutions and cleaning methods. We offer cleaning products that don’t carry high levels of VOC, avoid dyes or perfumes that will trigger unexpected attacks. Besides that, regular cleaning can rid high traffic areas of allergens, dirt, odors and air pollutants such as pollen that trigger harmful asthmatic reactions. We use safe and proven methods.
  • Complete cleaning in nooks, crannies and all those hard to reach places. This will create a more sanitary atmosphere. Our staff works to help you prevent the spread of germs that can take over your students or faculty. We don’t just stick to surface dirt or areas that are often cleaned, we get into places that hide dirt, mold, and germs to keep you school clean and sanitary.
  • Upon request, SmartDog offers green cleaning for all sites. Schools have a special connection to green programs. We know your students and staff treasure the environment so we supply cleaning methods that will keep your school clean while protecting the environment.
  • Public and private schools have particular needs for both security and environmental health. It is our number one priority to ensure that students arrive and leave both safe and healthy. SmartDog understands the unique problems in cleaning educational facilities.
  • Our staff are experts in green cleaning and has complete full background, drug and E-Verify checks and are fully qualified to service your educational facility, classrooms, daycare, child care center, middle school or high school.

SmartDog Commercial Cleaning service offers Atlanta, GA superb school cleanings. From regular cleanings to emergencies to pests and germs, our staff goes the extra mile to keep your school running smoothly. We know education is the building block of a better community and future. We strive to bring you the best in school janitorial services. Your continued health, safety, and satisfaction are so important to us, we guarantee your satisfaction.  Contact us to learn more about our programs designed for infection control, floor maintenance, day porter at 770-667-8736 or click here to request a quote.

If you still have questions you can visit our FAQ page.

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