Our Promise

Promise to our Business Cleaning Clients

If you believe your customer and employees deserve the very best then you have come to the right place. Here are the 10 reasons we are the right cleaning company for your office and facilities:

  1. More than 18 years experience
  2. Locally owned / Japanese owned and operated 24 hours every day / on site
  3. We know the proper way to clean and sanitize bathrooms
  4. All of our employees fully pass their background check through a professional agency, personally trained by the owner and capable of dealing with any onsite emergency situation
  5. Our number one priority is communication and we believe that good communication will solve any issue or problem
  6. We consistently hear from out clients “we go the extra mile” and “no job is too small”. We are happy to serve.
  7. We customize each of our clients needs and create a custom schedule. Whether it is a one time job, daily, weekly or monthly, we completely work withing your requirements.
  8. 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  9. We pay special attention and clean in the forgotten places, such as behind and underneath places and deep in the corners.
  10. We offer non-toxic and green cleaning products on request.

Please do not just take our word for it, please read the recommendation letters we routinely receive from our clients.


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