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Message from owner & his commitment.

our CEO - blue waxed floor - SmartDog Commercial CleaningI established SmartDog Commercial Cleaning Services in 1996 and have enjoyed serving the north Atlanta area for the past 18 years. Meeting and speaking to people every day and finding out what people are looking for, unhappy about these areas and how can we take care of customers are my priority and my job for the last 17 years. I know that each customer has different needs and we will design different solutions for each customer. Because of my experiences, I am confident to take care of all customers who contact me. My company is locally owned and I am on site every day and night with and without my employees. Each of my employees have had intense training with me and have had enough experience and training to take care of any emergency situation in your office (water leaks, over flows, broken items, etc…). Unfortunately, we have had a number of emergencies and for each and every situation, my employee took action immediately and resolved these situations immediately. Our resolutions to these situations have save the owner a lot of money and the owner personally called to thank me. My employees are happy to go the extra mile for these special situations in addition to doing their job well.

SmartDog Commercial Cleaning keeps businesses clean in a completely different way. Most commercial cleaning businesses do a minor sweep of problem areas without really knowing what their client needs. At SmartDog Commercial Cleaning, we have always taken a different approach to cleaning.

Before I started SmartDog Commercial Cleaning in 1996, I worked for other commercial cleaning companies. On my first day with one cleaning company, the owner took me to five different offices. She showed me the spaces and gave me a brief explanation of what to do. At the end of the first day, she handed me a paper with alarm codes and said “All yours!” I was completely surprised and shocked. I did not and do not believe this is the way to clean business.

SmartDog Commercial Cleaning operates in more detailed approach to caring for your office space. When we start to clean any office space, I personally work the office space for 4 – 6 weeks with the employee who will be assigned to that work space. We do this to create a customized plan and list for each customer that will fit their unique needs. We know that each customer has different plans and to-do-lists, as well as different spaces.

As the person who speaks directly with the client, I feel that I need to be involved in the cleaning process and in the training of each employee for each office. I do this so when an employee takes over, they will know exactly what the client wants done and exactly how they want it done. Being personally involved also helps me communicate clearly with the owner or manager. When any questions come up or changes are requested, I am better able to provide answers and follow through.

We feel that office cleaning is personal. Workers spend a lot of time in their offices. Having a clean, organized office space helps workers be happier and more productive. Being personally involved in every office we clean is the best way to bring a personalized custom cleaning process to each client. I take professional commercial cleaning seriously and it shows.

All of my customers have my personal cell phone number and contact me directly with any concerns or questions they may have. I personally guarantee all our work and I have the confidence to say that you can count on it.

If you would like to speak with me directly, please email me at yshoji@smartdogcleaning.com and I will reply with my cell phone number. Click Here for free quote request.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

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“SmartDog is committed to making a difference in the lives of our clients, our employees and the environment.
SmartDog specializes in eco-friendly, or “green”, cleaning.
                   We use environmentally friendly products to improve air quality and protect the health and safety of your employees. Available at your request.”