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Office Cleaning & Janitorial Services for Office Buildings

Most of our days are spent at work. For many of us, work means close office spaces and crowded communal areas. Keeping all work environments clean and safe is important to company production and morale. For in depth office cleaning needs in Atlanta, GA SmartDog is here to provide unparalleled service.

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A Different Approach

Many other professional cleaners use standard products and basic methods. They empty trash bins, wipe down counters and do occasional floor waxing or carpet cleaning. But lots of germs can lurk beneath those surface areas. SmartDog believes you and your staff deserve more than just a surface clean.

Our process provides following:

  • Personal and individualized cleaning plans for each space made for you. Our CEO Mr. Yasuo Shoji walks each space with the client to find the best plan of action.
  • Personal relationship between our CEO and each client.
  • Thorough cleaning in hard to reach places, especially bathrooms.
  • Proper techniques used for floor waxing and carpet cleaning.
  • Green cleaning solutions available upon request.
  • Cleaning solutions that are sensitive to the needs of asthmatics and people with allergies.
  • All staff is trained, knowledgeable and fully vetted, including background checks.
  • Got a big mess after bad leak, mold, spill, stain or pests? SmartDog will work hard to come as soon as you are ready for us to clean. You will also have personal contact with our Owner, Mr. Shoji.

SmartDog does much more than just  tidy up. We do a complete clean your office will appreciate. When you are looking for office cleaning in Atlanta, call SmartDog at 770-667-8736 or click for a quote. We can show you a whole new side of clean.


Start Working in a Healthier Environment

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“SmartDog is committed to making a difference in the lives of our clients, our employees and the environment.
SmartDog specializes in eco-friendly, or “green”, cleaning.
                   We use environmentally friendly products to improve air quality and protect the health and safety of your employees. Available at your request.”