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The medical cleaning world is more regulated than most other types of facilities we clean. SmartDog take special care to ensure that all specific medical and health-care rules and regulations are followed. These rules and guidelines may need to be documented in addition to cleaning the entire facility and we take special care to make sure any forms are filled out completely and accurately.

For Healthcare Commercial Cleaning, Atlanta calls SmartDog

Atlanta is a top international city with heavy traffic on daily base. The CDC, many universities, and international companies reside within close quarters of the city center. SmartDog is proud to offer commercial healthcare cleaning that keeps Atlanta safe and healthy.

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Following Commercial Healthcare Cleaning Requirements

Cleaning medical offices and healthcare buildings require lots of experience, knowledge and staff that understands and follows healthcare cleaning requirements and codes. Some of these requirements are:

  • Using the right disinfectants and solutions for the appropriate surface or tool.
  • Providing quick response times in case of emergency.
  • Knowing the differences between the three main cleaning procedures, cleaning, disinfection and sterilizing. Plus, knowing when to use which technique and for which area.
  • Following code for each situation and surface as well as for disposal.
  • Making sure disinfectants reach the right amount of contact time on a surface before being dried. Different disinfectants need different times to stay on a surface in order to kill microorganisms. If they are dried too soon, microorganisms can remain and spread infections.
  • Completing Documentation of work to follow all state and national regulations and guidelines.

A New Level of Clean

The Staff at SmartDog offers all these requirements and much more. Mr. Yasuo Shoji, our CEO, has spent the last 17 years working with commercial and healthcare cleaning. He personally partners with each medical facility to come up with a strictly followed cleaning plan. Any staff that works with commercial healthcare cleaning are completely vetted, including intense background checks. Mr. Shoji also gives extra training to medical cleaning staff. He also personally trains each staff member and walks with them for several weeks, making sure each code is followed and every detail is complete.

Providing the Best Solutions for Clean Medical Buildings

Trust SmartDog for healthcare commercial cleaning in Atlanta. Which is done with professional precision. We offer the very best in medical office cleaning that includes:

  • Personalized Care for each facility.
  • 24/7 on call contact directly to a staff member, usually our CEO.
  • A knowledgeable, professional and vetted staff.
  • Thorough training, that follows all requirements and code.
  • An exceptional clean that goes into hard to reach spaces, disinfect or sterilize common areas that lead to spreading of germs.
  • Reliable work that you can count on, even in emergencies.

SmartDog is here to provide cleaning to all types of medical buildings and healthcare facilities. We are honored to keep Atlanta healthy and clean. Call us today at 770-667-8736 to get started or click for a quote. We look forward to handling the dirty work so you can concentrate on healing patients from around the world.

Trained Medical Facility Cleaning Staff

There may be extra staff training required for our health-care and medical janitorial employees and close supervision to ensure all medical facilities are cleaned correctly. Under these circumstances we user only specialized medical grade equipment, health-care appropriate chemicals and supplies that meet the requirements of each individual health-care and medical facility. Laws governing medical facilities  such as hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities in your state may require you, as an employer in the healthcare industry, to provide your employees with biomedical hazard communication training, shots and vaccines for hepatitis, and instructions for the proper disposal of biohazardous materials.

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SmartDog specializes in eco-friendly, or “green”, cleaning.
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