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“Dear Mr. Shoji,
Thank you so much for going up and beyond the call. We had a toilet in Suite 109 that was not working properly and one of our therapists left a note that it was out of order. I came in to work today, thinking I would need to work on fixing the toilet. Imagine my surprise and happiness to find the note updated with “Fixed – SmartDog”. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I just want you to know how much we appreciate the great job you do for us and that we are really thankful that you go that extra mile in helping us to maintain a clean and safe environment. Have a great day,”
Pam Gross
Darling Pediatric Therapies


McFadden Financial Activites, Inc. testimonial - SmartDog“We have been using SmartDog Cleaning Services for several months to clean our office once a week. I manage an office park and we also have them clean our vacant suites. We are very pleased with the service they provide. They even let us know when a toilet or sink needs servicing. SmartDog has provided us with superior cleaning services. We do not anticipate the need for another cleaning service and hope to use them for many years.”
Kathy Queen
Office/Property Manager
McFadden Financial Activities, Inc.


BPG Management Company LP testimonial - SmartDog Commercial Cleaning“I am writing to recommend the services of SmartDog Cleaning Service. I have been using Mr. Shoji and his team to clean our office since July 2012, and have been completely satisfied. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, and offer very competitive rates.”
Traci Watson
Administrative Assistant
BPG Management Company, L.P.


Doulgerakis Consulting Engineers, Inc testimonial - SmartDog Commercial Cleaning“SmartDog has been taking care of our office since we moved into it in April 2005. In that time they have proven to be dependable and thorough so that we rarely have to even think about the appearance of the office and our clients often comment that our office looks brand new.
Elizabeth W. Doulgerakis
Corporate Secretary/Treasurer
Doulgerakis Consulting Engineerings


Southeastern Endocrine and Diabetes, P.C. testimonial -SmartDog“We have had the pleasure of SmartDog Cleaning Service now for about 4 months. For the first time in three years our 10,000 sq. ft. office is cleaned properly. Recently we had some construction done in our office, and there was a lot of extra cleaning required. When I arrived on Monday morning, much to my surprise, the office was cleaned thoroughly and ready for patients. I whole heartedly and without reservation recommend SmartDog!”
Carol K Jenkins
Office Manager
Southeastern Endocrine & Diabetes, P.C.


Safeguard testimonial - SmartDog Commercial Cleaning“I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You for the excellent service you provide us every week. It’s wonderful to come in every Monday morning to a clean office that you’ve taken such good care of. It is also nice knowing that anytime we need a little extra help, you’re always willing to take care of it without any hesitation.”
Cathy Serling


Lorantzen and Wettern USA Inc. testimonial - SmartDog“This is actually the second time that we have used SmartDog Cleaning Service. We thought we would save some money by going with a cheaper company, but the quality of service was so poor that we came back to SmartDog. Mr. Shoji’s attention to detail and quality of service is great and well worth the little extra money each month. I highly recommend Yasuo Shoji and SmartDog Cleaning. Mr. Shoji is reliable and extremely efficient in his cleaning.”
Laura Theobald
Administrative Assistant
Lorentzen & Wettre USA INC


“As the owner and property manager of roughly 45,000 square feet of office space, we understand the need to employ qualified firms to help make our projects a success. Quality janitorial service is a key component of maintaining satisfied tenant
We have enjoyed your cleaning services since December 1998. We are very satisfied with the quality of your work, your attention to detail, and your quick response to deal with emergencies. Congratulations on a job well done, and continued success for the future.”
John A. Price
Tripoint Development Group, INC.


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