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churches - Atlanta Office Cleaning ServicesOf all the places we gather, our churches and houses of worship are our most treasured spaces. They provide us with a sense of community, comfort, generosity and sanctuary in difficult times. SmartDog Commercial Cleaning Services feels honored to offer church cleaning that Atlanta can rely on. Our staff remains professional and respectful. Each church or house of worship is cared as if we attended them ourselves.

Church Cleaning Care and Challenges

Caring for churches comes with special challenges, especially in Atlanta. Our community is lucky to have a wide array of historic church buildings and very precious houses of worship. Many of these buildings are 100 years old or much older. They contain beautiful wood or tile flooring that have stood the test of time. Their pews and benches have held members through joy and strife. Older buildings require delicate and generous care, with painstaking effort to keep their treasured designs clean and well preserved. We feel privileged to care for such historic buildings. We will take extra care with each fiber and board, tile and glass window. SmartDog has spent over 18 years offering hardworking and respectful cleaning to many different worship buildings.

Many church buildings, even contemporary ones have very unique designs that include; vaulted ceilings, intricate designs in moldings and altars, tile floors and stained glass windows.

Healthy Cleaning Practices for Your Congregation

Another issue that many churches face is keeping the building safe for asthmatics. Many people have been diagnosed with asthma and it remains a leading health issue, especially in the south with so many allergens and a year-round high pollen count. SmartDog can change to products with fewer irritants, like dyes, perfumes or high VOC levels for buildings that require extra care. Each member of your church will be able to breathe easy and focus on their time worshipping, instead of their health.

Respectful and Detailed Cleaning for Every Type of Worship Building

Some of the ways we care especially for your church or place of worship are:

  • We never do a simple once over when we clean. Instead our CEO, Mr. Shoji, walks with you to hear your needs. He personally oversees the process of creating a cleaning checklist and training each employee for each site. He makes sure he and his team deliver on the SmartDog Promise every day.
  • We will treat your house of worship as our own. Being careful with each part of your building, we will clean it top to bottom.
  • We use safe and tested methods to clean, sanitize and polish each area.
  • Our trained, vetted and professional staff are ready to care for and clean each nook and cranny of your precious space so your family and faith can continue in comfort and safety.

Your Church is Our Church

We treat each worship space with respect and are honored to be entrusted with keeping such sacred buildings clean and comfortable. Atlanta Church Janitorial Services can be hard to find. Not all companies take a personal approach like SmartDog. We understand how precious each fiber and relic can be. We also understand how important keeping your worship space is to your congregation and clergy.

Please contact us today at 770-667-8736 so we can care for your treasured church or house of worship.

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“SmartDog is committed to making a difference in the lives of our clients, our employees and the environment.
SmartDog specializes in eco-friendly, or “green”, cleaning.
                   We use environmentally friendly products to improve air quality and protect the health and safety of your employees. Available at your request.”